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About Our Third Party Logistics Company

Global Logistic Solutions, LLC, has been successfully working with freight trucking companies for more than 25 years to address the freight transportation and logistical needs of customers. Our company has served thousand customers since then and has built long lasting partnerships with carrier companies from around the country. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will manage all of your logistical and supply chain management functions better than any freight trucking company and with the highest efficiency by leveraging our nationwide family of carrier operators.

Based out of Rossville, Tennessee, we are a Certified Diversity Business. In fact, unlike many of the freight trucking companies you will encounter, we are a woman and minority owned brokerage company, and we are very proud of this fact. Each day, we strive to stand by our mission statement that “Global Logistic Solutions, LLC provides quality logistic and transportation services with integrity, creative solutions, and a dedication to building working relationships.”

Are you looking for an excellent company with which your freight trucking company can partner that has a reputation of forming long lasting partnerships with other trucking companies? Do you want to work with us to find the best freight trucking company to meet your company’s transportation and logistical needs? If yes, then contact us today!

The Three Pillars of our Logistics and Freight Transportation Team

We have close to three decades of experience in the freight transportation and warehousing industry. Our experts can help you solve any logistical problem better than any single freight trucking company – no matter how simple or complex your business model is. We, at Global Logistics Solutions, LLC, work as a third party logistic company finding the best solutions to meet the freight transportation and warehousing needs of companies nationwide. Even though we are a small company, our services are on par with those provided by much larger competitors and freight trucking companies. In fact, we believe that because we ourselves are a small company, we are especially well suited to serve other small and growing companies.

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain harmonious relationships with customers and partnerships with freight trucking companies all over the country. We rely on our “three pillars” to help us maintain our commitment to finding the best, top-notch freight transportation and warehousing services at affordable prices. We believe that our diverse team is what makes us tick.

These are the people we cannot do without:

  • Pam Beck – As a Partner at Global Logistic Solutions, LLC, she is a cherished member of the company who keeps us going through thick and thin. Pam has been in the logistics business for more than twenty five years, and we rely on her expertise to find the best logistics solutions for you.
  • Mary Fryman – Mary is partner at Global Logistic Solutions, LLC and another veteran in the logistics business with more than two decades of experience in the industry. She is the business head of our company with a solid background in business. Together with Pam Beck, she keeps the company a well-oiled machine.
  • Michael Williams – He is our ever-enthusiastic Senior Vice President of Sales. He has been a successful entrepreneur himself for more than twenty years and brings with him the marketing and sales knowledge and experience that have made us a trusted transportation and third party logistics company. He has been in the logistics business for the last seven years. He is also a current member of Freight Movers International (FMI) and has previously been a board member of this esteemed organization.

Looking for a Broker to Partner Your Freight Trucking Company With?

We actively partner with many carrier or freight trucking companies to create a symbiotic relationship that is a win-win situation for all parties involved. By collaborating with freight trucking companies nationwide, we can provide all types of transportation services for customers across 48 states. To manage such a vast network of more than 7,000 carriers, we use complex software applications to track all our carrier documents. To learn more about our company and our partnerships with freight trucking companies - please visit our home and services pages or contact us.

Want to Work With Global Logistic Solutions to find the best Freight Trucking Company?

If you are interested in working with us as your freight broker to find the best freight trucking company for handling all of your logistical needs or you would like to partner with us as one of our carriers, don’t wait any longer – contact us immediately. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and we look forward to working with you!

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