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We Partner Extensively with Freight Trucking Companies Nationwide

Global Logistic Solutions, LLC is a small third party logistic solutions company that provides some of the highest quality freight transportation and warehousing services to customers across the country. To help customers way beyond our home state of Tennessee, we have partnered with more than 7,000 freight trucking companies across the country that allow us to serve customers in over 48 states. Most of the freight trucking companies that we are currently in partnerships with, have been working with us for decades and these partnerships have been extremely beneficial for everyone involved. To manage such a vast network of freight trucking companies and to make sure that there is never an error with customer orders, we have in place a complex and sophisticated software system that helps us monitor and manage every carrier document on a daily basis.

Are you looking to form a partnership with an experienced third party logistic solutions provider? Interested freight trucking companies can complete the package given here and fax it to us at 901-316-0185 and we will get back with you as soon as possible. You can also find other information needed for contacting our logistics company on our Contact Us page.

Download our Freight Carrier Information Packet

Why You Should Partner With Us

We are constantly looking for dedicated freight trucking companies with which we can we can partner to help expand our business. To best serve our customers, we combine our equipment with that of our partners to make sure that every order reaches its destination on time. If you are interested in becoming our partner – please find the registration packet provided above and fax it to us.

  • We have close to three decades of experience in the business so we can help our partner freight trucking companies grow.
  • By becoming our partner, you will be part of a network of over 7,000 carrier companies nationwide, which is beneficial for any business.
  • You will be in contact with other freight trucking companies that are some of the most reputable companies in the industry.
  • We are confident that our software management system that we use to track all orders will help you streamline your processes and help increase the efficiency of your services.
  • As we are a small business ourselves, we work very closely with all our partners who we treat like family. Consequently, you will get all the attention and support that you need from us.
  • Even though we are a small company – as our partner, you will be working with a company that serves clients in 48 states while maintaining maximum efficiency and quality.
  • When you partner with us, you will be working with a Certified Diversity Business that is woman and minority owned.
  • The senior most members in our company have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the logistics business and can pass on their knowledge to you.
  • Our Senior VP of Sales – Michael Williams - is a member of the FMI (Freight Movers International) and a former board member, who can help your company get the visibility it needs.

Before working and partnering with us, it is important for all potential partner freight trucking companies to understand that we expect them to understand and follow the strict quality standards that we have set for ourselves. All of our existing carrier partners also subscribe to our “Customer First” policy and place the same importance on integrity and responsibility as us. We expect this from all freight trucking companies looking to partner with us. As a small business ourselves, we understand how small freight trucking companies work, and we believe that we can help other small freight trucking companies flourish. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are equipped to handle any logistical problem and provide solutions for a diverse range of clients.

We Want To Learn From You Too!

Not only will you be benefitting from a partnership with us, but we also firmly believe that we have a lot to gain from partnering with other freight trucking companies. We would love to partner with and learn from freight trucking companies nationwide to help us improve our processes. This can only be a win-win situation all around.

Join Some of The Best Freight Trucking Companies & Partner with Us Today!

If you want to take your freight carrier company to new heights and are looking to partner with an experienced logistics company – look no further. Contact Global Logistic Solutions, LLC today to learn more about working with us!

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