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Are you looking for the best freight trucking companies and logistic solutions providers in the country to handle your freight transportation and warehousing needs? Or are you a freight transportation company looking to develop a solid partnership with a freight brokerage company? Contact us today if you want to find the best freight shipping services or if you are interested in partnering with us as one of our trusted trucking companies.

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Global Logistic Solutions, LLC is one of the best third party logistic companies in the nation with thousand of satisfied customers. With over 25 years of experience in the freight transportation and warehousing industries, we can provide the best logistical solutions to our customers, which are customized to their individual requirements. We are also a Certified Diversity Business that is woman and minority owned and we are extremely proud of this fact. Regardless of the fact that we are one of the smaller brokerage companies in the country, we have partnered with more than 7,000 freight trucking companies to serve customers in 48 states and this is no small feat. Our services are some of the best in the industry and rival those offered by much larger trucking companies.

“Global Logistic Solutions, LLC provides quality logistic and transportation services with integrity, creative solutions, and a dedication to build working relationships.” This is our mission statement that we abide by everyday.

Trucking Companies and Customers - Don’t Wait To Contact Us!

At Global Logistic Solutions, LLC we always put our customers first and so do our partner freight trucking companies. This is why you can call us or contact us via any means at any time of the day. We are available to answer any questions that you may have – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if you are a potential customer or one of the many trucking companies looking to partner with us – we are only a single call away. Moreover, do not hesitate to contact any of one of our senior members, as they will be more than happy to help you. In fact, we have provided the contact information of all the important personnel in our company – so you will always receive a prompt response.

Pam Beck Partner at Global Logistic Solutions, LLC.
Email: [email protected]
Mary Fryman Partner at Global Logistic Solutions, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Michael Williams Senior Vice President of Sales at Global Logistic Solutions, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 866-215-7147
Local Phone: 901-316-0181
Fax: 901-316-0185
Physical Address: #570, Morrison Road,
Rossville, TN  38066
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 31,
Rossville, TN  38066

For Our Partner Trucking Companies

We are constantly looking to add to our database of over 7,000 freight trucking companies nationwide and greatly believe that forming partnerships can only be beneficial to all parties involved. Most of our existing partners have been working with us for decades – some have been working with us since our inception! We are extremely proud of the large family of partner trucking companies who understand our commitment to quality and our customers. This is why, if you are interested in becoming a partner with us, we ask you to fill out the registration packet that we have provided on our Carriers page and fax it to us at the number above. We would love to hear from any potential partner and will get back to you as soon as possible. We also encourage all interested freight trucking companies to call us or contact us via email to learn more about working with us.

Learn More About Our Freight Trucking Services

We cater to all companies, regardless of size, and make sure that we can find the best solutions to fit any budget. If you want to learn more about the freight shipping and logistical solutions that we can provide, please visit our Home page or contact our freight trucking company today to learn more about how we can help find the best solutions for your freight shipping needs!

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