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What is Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a marketing technique that deals with the development and distribution of valuable, relevant content with the aim of attracting, acquiring, and engaging a target audience that is clearly understood and defined. Content marketing is primarily centered on communicating with and engaging prospects and customers rather than simply selling products or services. However, the underlining objective is to drive customer action that is profitable for the business.

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The key to successful content marketing, especially via the Internet, is not simply just providing entertaining content to attract a consumer's attention, but providing valuable and relevant information. According to David Ogilvy, who is recognized as the father of content marketing, marketing and advertising should not be considered as entertainment or a form of art but as a medium used for providing valuable information. Therefore, quality content should be central to any effective content marketing, search engine marketing, and online marketing campaign.

To learn more and to see how this powerful marketing tool can benefit your business, contact us Silver Scope Design today.

How Can Content Marketing Help Your Business?

Content marketing, when done effectively, can be the Midas touch your business needs for strengthening your brand, improving recognition, increasing sales, and acquiring loyal, happy, and repeat customers. It increases your business's brand value by providing quality content to your customers.

Expert content marketing will also increase the positive association people have with your business. It helps establish you as a knowledgeable expert in the industry. Consumers will recognize you as a business that shares authoritative and useful content and is committed to helping consumers make informed decisions.

Content marketing also contributes to your online and social media presence. Google specifically, has recently emphasized the importance of providing high quality content and thus has incorporated this factor into their search engine algorithm. As a result, when written by search engine optimization experts, your website content can be extremely effective in aiding your website optimization efforts.

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Applying Content Marketing Strategies to Your Website

At Silver Scope Design, we believe that content marketing is a key aspect when it comes to enhancing your online presence. We emphasis the importance of high quality and informative content with every website design project we work on. We have teams of experienced content writers who can develop informational content for your entire site or establish an informational blog to supplement your website. As we are experts when it comes to SEO, our SEO copywriters will ensure that all content we provide is optimized for relevant key phrases in order to help improve your website rankings in search engines.

As part of our content development services, we can create informative and interesting content for your website, blogs, and social media profiles to inspire loyalty and business from prospects and clients.

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To learn more about content marketing and how effective content marketing strategies can help your business and improve your search engine rankings, contact us today. You can call us by phone or request a free website design quote online.