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Website Promotion Services - Search Engine Ranking Services

Build it and they will come. Well, maybe if you have a big brand name, are extremely lucky, or a bit of both. For the rest of us, we need to find a cost effective way to drive qualified traffic to our websites.

What if you could advertise every day to millions of prospects who are on the Internet actively searching for products and services like yours? What if you only had to pay for that advertising when someone clicked through to your website? And, what if you could choose what you wanted to pay for each click-through?

That's exactly what Silver Scope Design offers to you through our keyword-targeted, pay per click (PPC) advertising service. You will not only get highly qualified traffic driven to your website, you will be making the most of your advertising dollar with industry-leading returns on your investment.

How Do Pay Per Click Search Engines Work?
  • Advertisers bid on keywords and phrases relevant to their business.
  • The search results are delivered in the order of highest to lowest bid.
  • Advertisers are charged the "bid amount" when a user clicks through.

For example, if your average cost per click is $0.10, you will receive 1000 targeted new visits to your website before a $100 deposit runs out.

Website Promotion

Choosing the Right Keywords for Website Promotion
Choosing the right keywords is crucial to search engine success. If you choose keywords that are too broad you will have difficulty converting visitors into buyers. If the chosen keywords are too competitive, you may find yourself spending more money then you would like for a certain search term.

It is best to choose keywords that are highly relevant to your products and services. For a customer wishing to sell Sun Protective Clothing it is better to target the keyword "sun protection clothing" compared to "sun" or "clothing". Aside from individual keywords being to broad, they are also very competitive.

The best-case scenario is choosing targeted keywords that are popular. Optimizing your website for keywords that no one is searching for is a waste of time and money.

Website Promotion

What we do?
Keyword Development - We work with you to select the keyword phrases that will deliver the best results and most targeted traffic to your Website. In short, we help you find your best customers.

PPC Bid Management - Optimizing your bids on keywords and monitoring those bids is time consuming and distracting. But not with We handle it for you so you can focus on building your business and servicing your customers.

Search Engine Copywriting - At Silver Scope Web Design, we're experts on various Pay Per Search sites like Yahoo!, AOL and Google. We know all their requirements and constraints. To optimize your advertising efforts, we customize your keyword advertising text to maximize its marketing impact.

Reporting - We regularly provide you with detailed reporting on each of your keywords, the sites where you're listed, the traffic each source is delivering, and the return on your investment. You always have clear, measurable results for your marketing dollars.

No Long Term Contracts
We designed this program to fit your advertising needs, while maximizing return on investment for each month of service. Because of this, we do not ask any of our clients to commit to a long-term contract. If you decide at anytime this program is not working for your business, you will be prorated for any paid management fees not yet spent, and your account will be closed. There is no sense in paying for a marketing program that doesn't make more money than it costs, and we like to keep our clients happy.