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Website Package A: 5 Page Website

Description: An affordable, entry-level website design solution for basic information purposes.

Good for: Businesses that are interested in establishing a place on the Internet where customers can find their phone number, fax number, and address. This website design package also enables you to create a customized email address at your own domain name.

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Price: $995


Hosting Package:

  • $20 per month
  • 150 MB server space
  • 5 GB per month bandwidth

More about our 5 Page Web Design Package:

Our 5 page website design package is an affordable entry level website ideal for companies and small business interested in establishing a basic presence on the internet. This affordable web design package will allow you provide important contact information online so that customers can easily and quickly contact your business. This is important for companies who often hand out business cards such as at trade shows or other events. This website design solution can also help businesses that operate based on word of mouth referrals where a potential client may have your company name, but no contact information.

Our basic five page websites include search engine optimization and offer an option for custom SEO copywriting. Therefore, this affordable website design option can be a very basic introduction to online marketing. An affordable five page website design package may be an ideal phase one option for new businesses, since businesses can add more pages to this website as the company grows.

If you are looking for a comprehensive website to act as an effective marketing tool for your business and to thoroughly explain your company's services, you may want to consider one of our larger, affordable website design packages such as the:

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