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Social Media and its Impact on Search Engine Rankings and SEO

Matt Cutts, Google's liaison to webmasters, has confirmed what we (webmasters) have all been thinking for some time:

Social media IS a factor in search engine rankings and SEO. This is the video where Matt announces this.

Update! (November 1, 2011) Google Begins Indexing Facebook Comments

We created social media management services to help our clients keep up with the technology that their customers use everyday. We know that running a business means that there is no spare time to learn how to efficiently and (more importantly) effectively start and maintain a successful social media campaign. We created a solution for that problem.

Our solution is to set up customized social media portals and maintain them through one of our monthly social media marketing packages for ongoing SEO.

Monthly Social Media Management Packages

Option A

  • 2 weekly Facebook updates
  • 2 weekly LinkedIn updates
  • 2 weekly Twitter updates

Option B

  • 2 monthly Blog articles
    (w/ SEO copywriting)
  • 3 weekly Facebook updates
  • 3 weekly LinkedIn updates
  • 3 weekly Twitter updates

Option C

  • 4 monthly Blog articles
    (w/ SEO copywriting)
  • 5 weekly Facebook updates
  • 5 weekly LinkedIn updates
  • 5 weekly Twitter updates

Option D

  • 6 monthly Blog articles
    (w/ SEO copywriting)
  • 7 weekly Facebook updates
  • 7 weekly LinkedIn updates
  • 7 weekly Twitter updates
$80 per month $214 per month $380 per month $538 per month

Contact Silver Scope Design to discuss the best plan for your company or organization.