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Landscaping SEO Services for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

As a landscaper, you are well versed in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Spreading the word about your landscaping business, however, can be quite a challenge. Cold calls, brochures, or snail mails can help, but in the digital-centric world we live in, you need a smart digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to win over new clients. This is because over one-third of U.S. consumers search for businesses online every day, while 16 percent do so multiple times in a week. And most consumers do not look beyond the first-page search results. As such, landscaping SEO services are crucial for getting your business noticed and attracting new business online.

At Silver Scope Web Design, landscaping SEO is one of our fortes as we employ best practices to optimize your website and social media content to ensure they rank high on search engine results. This helps boost your business website's visibility online and ensures your prospective clients who are searching for landscapers find you.

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Lawn Care SEO & Website Design

Lawn Envy Lawn Care Company in Virginia

Lawn Care Website Design

Lawn Envy is an expert lawn care provider in Virginia that draws their expertise from years of professional golf course care and maintenance. Using specially tailored programs and scientifically based techniques, it is their goal to help their clients get and keep their lawns as healthy as possible with a range of affordable services. They came to us looking for a website that would promote their industry expertise in a clear and concise format so they could spend their time doing what they love (perfecting clients' lawns), rather than fielding phone calls and inquiries from potential customers. The new website includes an emphasis on the online contact form, encouraging customers to request a free estimate online.

Landscaping SEO & Website Design

St. Louis Landscaping Company

Landscaping Website Design

A long time client of Silver Scope Design, this website redesign project was to update the website for a local St. Louis landscaping company, Malone's Landscaping. Having previously developed a website for Malone's Landscaping 8 years ago, the website was still functional (including great SEO rankings!), but it was in need of a facelift and refresh. Working closely with the client, we developed a completely new website with a clean and modern look and feel. The website was also updated with lots of new pictures, a new photo gallery, and updated information on their current service offerings. We were able to reuse much of our previously written SEO content for this client, keeping the website overhaul affordable and allowing them to capitalize on the excellent search engine rankings they had already developed over the years.

Lawn Care SEO

Munie Turf Management & Lawn Specialists

Lawn Care Website Design

As a local family owned and operated turf management and lawn care company, Munie came to us looking for a website that would set them apart and distinguish them as leaders in their industry. We developed this website on a WordPress platform with many pages to highlight each of their services and capabilities as well as several special features that add value to their site. This includes a website photo gallery they can add to as needed and an online employment application form.

Lawn Care Website SEO

NJ Organic Lawn Care Company

Lawn Care Website Design

As an established organic lawn care company in New Jersey, Greener Lawns had seen a recent drop in their website traffic and leads. We helped them diagnose problem areas with their old site and developed a completely new website that is custom tailored to increase local website traffic. The new site includes a fresh and vibrant responsive design as well as optimization to target several cities in their local area. The website is complete with a Facebook integrated photo gallery that allows Greener Lawns to showcase new projects on an ongoing basis.

Landscaping SEO & Website Design

Kurtz Nursery & Topsoil

Landscaping Website Design

Kurtz Nursery is a leading topsoil and mulch supplier that has been serving the St. Louis area since 1925. However, even as a well-established company, they failed to build any internet presence. We developed a search engine optimized website for the company that would target new local customers and could provide important information about the products the company supplies to existing customers. This website not only boasts a unique and creative dirt-themed design, but it is optimized to help the company establish an effective internet presence.

Landscaping Company SEO

Metro Lawn Sprinkler & Landscapes

Sprinkler Installation / Landscaping Website Design

Metro Lawn Sprinkler is a St. Louis sprinkler installation and landscaping company. Over the years, the company has also expanded to provide a variety of other services including paver patio installation, retaining wall construction, outdoor lighting design, drainage system installation, and commercial boring and trenching services. Silver Scope Web Design created an attractive, easy to navigate website for this company that displays their variety of services. We also included a number of pictures, brief descriptions, and several flash videos on the Metro Lawn Sprinkler site to help better display the company's services to potential customers.

How Landscaping SEO Works

Google, Bing, and other search engines make use of "bots" that go from website to website to collect information about the web pages and index them. The index is like a huge library where the librarian helps you find the book you want. Algorithms of the search engines analyze the web pages within the index and decide the order in which the pages will appear when someone puts in an online query. The algorithm considers many factors when deciding the ranking of web pages, such as fresh content, website quality, keywords that match the search query, and so on.

Our landscaping SEO strategy is aligned perfectly with how the search bots decide which website gives the online searcher exactly what they are looking for. So when your prospective client searches for something like "landscaping business near me" or "the best landscaping company or services", our landscaping SEO efforts ensure your business is listed on the top of the search results.

Key Elements of Landscaping SEO

While there are both creative and technical aspects to the optimal SEO strategy, basically, there are two important categories:

  • On-page SEO: To ace on-page landscaping SEO, our SEO experts get to work to:
    • Write fresh, high-quality content on a regular basis
    • Incorporate the right keywords related to your business into the content
    • Add strong titles and metatags
  • Off-page SEO: Off-page landscaping SEO involves efforts made outside of your website to boost your website's rankings. This includes creating authoritative, engaging, and original content that people love and want to share. It also involves earning backlinks and social media marketing.

We go beyond landscaping SEO to also offer landscaping website design and landscaping logo design that augment our landscaping SEO strategy. A beautifully designed website optimized for speed and performance, along with a captivating logo, plays a vital role in promoting your brand, establishing your credibility, and building trust.

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We approach each client's marketing requirements with a methodical yet innovative approach to create personalized landscaping SEO, logo, and website design services. Get in touch with us now to start your landscaping company's brand promotion journey and move forward with your SEO and website design services.

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