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Web Design Overview and Website Development Process

This is the process of how Silver Scope Web Design creates a website from beginning to end. Our time-tested and proven approach to a successful website is defined below.

Website Consulting

1. Website Consultation: Every successful project started out with a great plan. Send your website project details to us via our no-obligation, free website design quote or call us toll-free at (877) 745-8772. From there, you and one of our project managers or designers will discuss your goals, ideas, color schemes, usability, and the overall strategy to produce a successful website.

Website Bid

2. Website Bid: We send you a personalized and itemized proposal via email for your review and approval.

Green Light Website Development

3. Green Light Website Development and Design: Once we establish the scope of work, we require a small down payment to begin the design and development. We spread the cost of the project over months (or a year). Learn more about our website financing.

Web Development

4. Web Development Begins: Once we receive the materials we need to fully understand your website project (as determined by the Website Consultation), our web design team collaborates to discuss ideas, produces a site demo, and then emails it to you for approval or modifications feedback. (The demo is sent as a snapshot in jpg format, not as a functional website.)

Website Demo Feedback

5. Website Demo Feedback: You either approve the website demo or have the option to send revisions. Since changes and revisions are a normal part of the web design process, we offer three rounds of an unlimited number of changes for free. If you wish for the web design team to make any adjustments or changes, you may compile a list of as many changes as desired into one email, and then send it to our web design team.

Keyword Research

6. Keyword Research & Page List Development: Whether you know just what pages you need on your website or you want our help selecting the best choices, we will work with you to make a page list for your website. We conduct comprehensive key phrase research to see what key phrases your customers are searching for and recommend the choices that will give you the best results.

SEO Copywriting

7. Content Development: Your website content serves many purposes including attracting customers to your website through search engines, sharing important details and information with potential clients, and converting website visitors to customers. Our writers work with you to develop customized content for your website that is optimized for all of these goals. We make the process as easy as possible - we write the content and make adjustments as needed based on your feedback.

Website Design Conversion

8. Website Design Conversion: Once you approve the demo and the content is ready, our web design team converts the files (used to create the demo image) into functional web pages, links, images, CSS, and so on. We add the approved content to the web pages as well. We then test the functionality and troubleshoot any problems to ensure a smooth launch.

Website Search Engine Optimization

9. Search Engine Optimization: The final touch is to optimize the pages for search engine optimization, or SEO. Multiple techniques and measures are implemented to improve the rank of your web pages in the SERPs, or search engine result pages, for important key words and key phrases. Learn more about how we optimize web pages for search engines.

Test Drive Website

10. Test-Drive the Website: After the functional website is built, we publish the website so you may review how the entire site will look and function before it goes public on the Internet. If you need us to make any small tweaks to the website, we make them at this point. If everything looks good, we finalize the project and upload the website to the Internet.

Website Ready for Launch

11. Pop the Champagne: The website goes live for the world to see. Reap the benefits of a Silver Scope website and enjoy the fruits of our labor! You've earned it. And don't worry, we will still be here to answer any future questions and help in any way we can.

So what do you think? Ready to discuss some of your ideas? Send us your project details or call us toll-free at (877) 745-8772. We look forward to hearing from you.

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