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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Website Design

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Website Design

Want to sell your products online? We can help you by setting up an ecommerce shopping cart that will allow you to easily add products and manage inventory.

E-commerce is taking off as one of the premier uses of the Internet. Virtually every medium to large company in countries where the Internet is popular has taken the opportunity to transfer their traditional businesses online. Whether they are electronics retailers, book retailers, or one of many other industries, each has developed methods of selling to customers around the world via their websites.

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Existing businesses are not the only group that can benefit from ecommerce. You may have an idea for a new online business. We can help you implement these ideas and build them into a successful, revenue-generating business. So whether you are looking to startup a new business or transfer an existing one to the web, we offer many flexible solutions.

Each industry-specific strategy offers a solution that considers much more than just image. We combine marketing, technology, and organization that provoke your viewers to utilize your online commerce facilities and purchase your products while they are on your website. The designs are fully integrated, and so the ability to purchase online will be perceived as an added bonus for your customers, as their buying process has been made much easier and convenient.

To facilitate the creation of an ecommerce store, we use revolutionary software. It is extremely dynamic and can be customized to fit any business in any industry.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Contact us today and one of our e-business consultants will get back to you to discuss your needs and find the right solution for you. Request a free ecommerce website design quote ecommerce quote today.

Shopping Cart Features:

Name of Feature What It Does For You
Admin SSL Enabled Secure administration automatically installed (must have secure server)
Admin With Access Levels Assign different access and passwords to different administrators, allows you to log in, reset password, send forgotten password
Affiliate Program Affiliate News and Affiliate Newsletter to upgraded program
All products and manufacturers Lists all products sorted by manufacturer
All Products v3.0 Lists all products sorted by category
All-Products v2.4 Lists all products on one page; customer and search-engine-friendly
Article Manager Create and manage news articles (Replaces Newsdesk)
Articles Viewed Report See how many visitors have viewed news articles
Attribute Sorter Copier Makes setting product attributes easy
Banner Manager Manage ads from other websites
Basic Template Structure Make changes to all pages on one template page rather than dozens
Category Box Enhancement Customizable bullet graphics added to the category listings
Checkout Configuration Customize the screens customers see when checking out
Column Product Listing Specify number of columns to display in "What's New for..." "Specials for ..." etc.
Create New Account or New Order Accept customer orders via phone, enter them into your store yourself
Credit Card Blacklist Refuse to accept credit card numbers that you specify
Credit Card Encryption Manager Specify how to encrypt credit cards for security; view or hide credit card numbers of customers. Has basic admin in free version, full admin in pro version
Credit Card in a Box InfoBox tells customers what credit cards you accept
Credit Class/Gift Voucher/Discount Coupons Give gift certificates and coupons to customers
Customer State/Zip Mismatch Report Identify potentially fraudulent orders or orders that will be returned to you for address correction
Customer Statistics Report See how many new customers, how many purchased, number of orders, total sales, shipping, average sale
Customers Not Validated Report If requiring validation before opening an account, see list of customers who have registered for an account but never sent validating email. May resend verification email, edit the verification value to allow a customer to login and order if they could not verify
Daily Products Report See how many products purchased, name, model, price, and totals
Define Mainpage Write or edit your home page welcome text as easy as writing an email
Down for v1.1b Stop purchases and customize the display during site maintenance, keep your database integrity, while controlling what people are allowed to see
Download Controller Complete control over download purchases. Set how many downloads are allowed and when they expire
Easy Populate with FROOGLE support Easily edit and update your database using Excel, then upload any number of products
Edit Orders Enter orders and customers for orders received from phone or other non-web source
EFSnet Payment Module Extra payment module to use for credit card processing
Events Manager Keep track of all events going on in your store
Explain Queries Development and debugging tool used to evaluate SQL queries. For technicians only
FAQ Manager Create and manage FAQ's better (Replaces FAQdesk 1.01). Have FAQ categories, multilingual support
Featured Products Select which products you want customers to see listed as Featured Products on home page
FedEx Extra shipping module to use FedEx for shipping
Fraud Screen Zone Monitor and detect all orders placed in your online store for credit card fraud or fraudulent payment in other payment systems
Generate Order List (Order List 3.1) (Pro Only) Generates a list of orders sorted by order status: pending, processing, delivered, etc.
GeoTrust/SkipJack Payment Module Extra payment module to use GeoTrust or SkipJack for credit card processing
Gift Certificates & Coupons See Credit Class/Gift Voucher/Coupons
Google Ads InfoBox Implement your own Google AdSense campaigns
Header Tags Controller Page Control, Text Control, and Fill Tags can now be entered as text without any programming, throughout the site, as easily as they were set in products pages in earlier versions
InfoBox Admin Easily add pages to your Information InfoBox
Information Pages and Categories Easily categorize and add information pages in their own InfoBox
Language File Editor (Pro Only) Edit product files in more than one language at a time; change the language displayed throughout the Admin
Links Set up a "Links" page from other sites automatically without having to email and manually add each one
Meta Tag Controller/ Generator Assigns meta tags to each product on Products and Categories pages
Monthly Sales & Tax A sales tax report that extracts the information your accountant needs to do your tax reports
MS2 to CRE Converter Automatically converts an osCommerce MS2 store to CRE Loaded
Multiple Products Manager (Pro Only) Move, copy or delete an entire category of products with a click of a button
MySQL Backup Backs up even the largest database with ease
OSC-Affiliate A powerful affiliate program to let others sell your product for you, you pay commissions
osC-Print Order with Store Logo Print store orders that display your store logo rather than the osCommerce logo
Page Cache Settings Enable the page cache features to reduce server load and render pages more quickly
PayBox Payment Module Extra payment module to use PayBox for payments
PayPal Shopping Cart IPN Notifies your database that a payment has been completed; now automatically installed when you specify PayPal (must also set up on PayPal site)
Products Expected Spotlight recently added products
Product Extra Fields Easily create additional special fields that allow customers to specify details such as Shipping Type, Initials or Customization desired, etc.
Product Notifications Report Tells how many customers have requested to be notified of updates to each product
Purchase Without Account Customers do not need to set up an account in order to make a purchase
SaleMaker Easily set sales prices for groups of products, percent or flat pricing
Sales Report See and/or export daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sales reports and customize by detail, order status, etc.
Shipping Modules More Australian, Canadian and British shippers added
Shipwire order fulfillment integration Shipwire warehouses, packs, ships, and gets volume shipping discounts for you
Shop by Price InfoBox Allow customers to view all products over or under a certain price
Specials by Category (Pro Only) Put an entire product category on special OR discount all of a certain manufacturer's products at a specified percentage off the normal price
Separate Pricing Per Customer and Quantity Discount (Pro B2B Only) Add special groups such as wholesale and sell products at a discount to the group
Specials On Main Page by Default Specials InfoBox on main page
Sub-Product Choices (Pro Only) A sub-product is a product that is displayed only as a part of the parent product. Merchants can have different model numbers, shipping options, and inventory tracking for each different coffee
Template Install & Configure Easily configures templates to look the way you want
Tiny MCE (WYSIWYG) Editor in Admin No longer need to understand HTML to enter text using the Admin; as easy as typing an email
UPS Choice Allows customers to specify UPS shipping methods
USPS Methods Allows customers to specify USPS shipping methods
Visual Verify Code (VVC) security Displays random characters in a dynamically generated image and asks the user to enter the text that they see displayed in Tell-A-Friend, Contact Us, and Registration. This thwarts automated scripts that create large numbers of user accounts or send SPAM.
Wishlist Report Allow customers to keep and send to friends a list of products they want to buy or receive; see what products customers have put in their wishlists
Who's Online InfoBox Let customers view how many others are in your store
X-Sell MS2 Make more money per customer by suggesting related products