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Retail Website Design: Ecommerce and Brochure-Style Websites

Retail Website Design & Web Development

Choosing to develop a website for your retail store can be an important decision that any business owner may have to make. Retail websites can allow you to increase traffic to your brick and mortar store by promoting your products and your stores in a static, brochure-style website. Your retail website can also provide online sales capabilities if you choose to integrate ecommerce shopping cart software into your website. At Silver Scope Web Design, we can build brochure-style websites for retail stores interested in increasing business in their brick and mortar stores as well as offer ecommerce website design services for business interested in expanding business by selling products online.

To learn more about our retail website design services and find out how we can help your business grow by building a retail website, please contact our website design company or request a free website design quote.

Ecommerce vs. Informational Brochure-Style Websites

Retail Website Design | Website for Retail Stores

Retail Website Design | Website for Retail Stores

Retail Website Design & Ecommerce Shopping Website Design

With any retail store website design project, we can either develop a functional ecommerce website through which you can sell products online or an informational, brochure-style website that displays store location information and advertises your store and available products. Deciding which type of retail website will be best for your business involves considering a variety of issues including the types of products you sell, your shipping capabilities, and a desire to expand your business.

At our St. Louis website design company, our professional web design experts can work with you to help you to determine what type of retail website design project is best for your store. We can help you determine if increasing your sales with an ecommerce shopping website is a practical option for your business or if the main purpose of your website should be to increase foot traffic and sales in your brick and mortar stores. With either option, our web design experts can develop just the retail website you need to help your business achieve its goals.

Factors to consider when deciding if your retail website design project should include ecommerce shopping cart integration include:

  • The type of products that you sell: There are certain characteristics of some products that make them impractical to sell online through an ecommerce store. This may include large products such as appliances that are often too expensive to ship as well as products that have certain legal restrictions for selling online or shipping such as alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Your willingness and capability to manage online inventory: While our shopping cart software is simple and straightforward to use after basic training, some clients and retail store owners simply do not have the time nor the desire to manage an online inventory of products.
  • Your capacity to handle increased orders and process shipping: If you do not want the added expense and trouble of processing online orders and preparing them for shipping, an ecommerce shopping website may not be the best choice for your retail store website design project.

Features of our Retail Website Design Services

Our St. Louis based website design company builds effective websites for retail stores and businesses in the retail industry. With our brochure-style and ecommerce retail websites, we can help businesses reach their goals to increase sales or expand business. The websites that we develop with our retail website design services include a variety of features and options that are important for any retail store website.

Your retail website design project can include:

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Integration
  • A Map of Store Locations / Directions to Stores
  • Store Contact Information and Store Hours
  • Lists, Descriptions, Pictures to Promote Available Products
  • Search Engine Optimization to Increase and Target Website Traffic
  • Information about Special Offers, Coupons, Sales, and Rebates
  • Industry Related Resources, Tips, and Buying Guides for Products you Sell

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