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Website Package B: 10 Page Website

Description: An affordable, basic website design solution that allows you to introduce customers to your company and its new online presence.

Good for: A Phase One website design solution - This web design package is a steady, affordable start for a company website. On a website like this, we would design a simple, clean website through which your company can provide customers with a general overview of your products or services.

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Price: $1895


Hosting Package:

  • $25 per month
  • 200 MB server space
  • 10 GB per month bandwidth

More about our 10 Page Web Design Package:

Our 10 page web design package can be an affordable website design solution for businesses that are just starting out or are interested in beginning an Internet marketing plan. This affordable website package will allow your business to provide a general overview of your products or services and will encourage customers to contact you for more information.

This ten page, affordable web design package can be an introductory website design package for companies planning to undertake additional phases of website expansion in the near future. With a professional, solid design and clean layout, our ten-page website design package allows a business to expand their website as needed by adding additional pages and additional search engine optimized content.

For companies interested in using their website as an effective marketing tool, this affordable web design package complete with search engine optimized coding and copywriting can be a good start. However, because larger websites generally include more search engine optimized content and are typically rated higher by search engines, our larger website design packages can offer an even greater Internet marketing solution for your business. Learn about our other web design packages including our:

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