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AdSense Website Design Portfolio

Here are some additional websites we have designed:

Landlord Protection Services

Industry: Landlord / Rental Property / Corporate Website Design

This brand new business combines revolutionary ideas with much needed services for landlords and property managers. Assurance Protection Group provides protection plans and other services which help protect landlords and property managers from eviction and damage costs while eliminating the need for collecting security deposits from tenants. We have also created the logo, full page magazine ad, two sister websites (Free Security Deposit and Free Tenant), three PowerPoint presentations, and other marketing materials.

Hunting Camping Deals

Hunting Website Design / Affiliate Website Design

This website is a 100-page affiliate website selling outdoor gear including hunting and camping equipment at discount prices. When developing this website, our web designers worked to create a website that puts the company's products in an easy to locate layout. Additionally, this website was designed completely around search engine optimization (SEO) in order to increase the number of visitors and sales generated. From search engine optimized page names and titles to custom written search engine optimized content. This affiliate program website is sure to generate substantial sales for our client.

Nutritional Supplement Company

Wellness Website Design

Nutrapathic is a nutritional supplement company that has been manufacturing and selling nutritional supplements and vitamins for years through various outlets. The company contacted us at Silver Scope Design because they were ready to expand their internet presence by redesigning their existing company website to allow them to advertise their products directly to customers. We created a new website layout that highlights the products and uses search engine optimized copywriting for each product. The second phase of this website design project, will be to integrate an E-commerce store through which the company can sell their products directly to customers.

St. Louis Concrete Contractors

Construction Website Design

StoneEdge Concrete is a local St. Louis concrete contractor offering all types of concrete installation and repair work for the greater St. Louis area. As an established company with many years experience serving the St. Louis area, StoneEdge knew it was time to develop a website that would represent their brand and develop a presence on the Internet (something the company had been lacking). The new website we developed not only includes search engine optimized content to promote all of the services they provide, but also highlights their work in an online photo gallery. Ultimately, the new website allows the company to show off their work and reach an entirely new stream of customers online.

Plumbing Company in Austin, TX

Plumbing Website Design

We developed this website for a new plumbing company serving the greater Austin area. The company wanted a website that would differentiate them from the competition and help them stand out as a trustworthy choice for plumbing service. The website that we developed utilizes a unique design and is packed with search engine optimized content to help the company grow quickly and reach customers throughout their service area.

St. Louis Insurance Company

Insurance Website Design

We developed this search engine optimized site for a St. Louis insurance agency. The company wanted a website that would project their professional appearance to current and potential customers and advertise each of the types of insurance they can provide. We created this website complete with 19 pages of search engine optimized content as well as a simple quote request form that will allow potential customers to request a quote easily and quickly online.

St. Charles Garage Door Repair

Construction Website Design

For this website redesign project, Duncan Door Service came to us looking to update their website and bring it into the 21st century. As this company had been serving the St. Charles area for over 30 years, they had developed a solid reputation with many clients in the St. Charles area. However, they are now looking to grow and reach new customers, and wanted a new website that could help them with this. We developed this professional and user-friendly website complete with search engine optimized content to help revitalize their reputation and attract new customers in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

Automotive Warranty Company

Auto Warranty Website Design

National Automotive Services is a company that provides extended auto service contracts to customers across the country. As a representative for a large auto service contract supplier, this company came to our web design company with the goal of advertising their service contracts and attracting new customers. Because the main goal of this website is to sell service contracts, it utilizes search engine optimized content to attract customers to the website and provides the thorough information needed to sell these service plans. When we created the website design for this company, we included a "request a quote" form on every page. This form encourages potential customers to contact the company and allows the company to collect personal information from interested website visitors.

Discount Camping Gear Store

Camping and Hunting Website Design

The Eagle Camping website is another example of our website redesign services for the Dealer Ease affiliate program. This company had been selling products online for several years through their old website. However, they contacted Silver Scope Design interested in redesigning their website in order to increase traffic to their website and improve dwindling sales. The website we developed for this company includes search engine optimized copywriting to highlight several select products out of the thousands this company sells. With this overall website design, we utilized a simple format that will easily allow customers to browse through products and also allows us to add new pages to market additional products in the future.

Sporting Goods Store

Hunting Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

Outdoor Sports Depot is an online discount sporting goods store that sells a variety of outdoor equipment for hunting, camping, and shooting. The owner of this sporting goods store contacted Silver Scope interested in a redesign of his existing website. His main goal with the website redesign project was to enhance the search engine optimization of his website in order to attract new customers and increase sales. During this website redesign project, we developed custom search engine optimized content for a number of outdoor products that this store sells. We used our experience designing ecommerce hunting websites to help create a website that will increase traffic and boost sales for this online store.

Personal Injury Attorneys in St. Louis

Law Firm Website Design

The Elster Firm is a new personal injury law firm in St. Louis. This law firm is owned by an experienced lawyer who understands that the key to success as a personal injury lawyer is to be one of the first law firms that an individual encounters following an accident or injury. Because of this, we developed this website with an emphasis on search engine optimization. We utilized a number of search engine optimization techniques including custom SEO copywriting when developing this site in order to help it rank well in popular search engines. Additionally, we designed the overall layout of this law firm website to be straightforward in order to emphasize the variety of services available.

Smart Choice Vehicle Service Contracts

Auto Warranty Website Design

Smart Choice is a new company offering vehicle service contracts for customers and auto dealers. As a company that is just starting out in a competitive industry, they wanted a website that would represent their company as honest, trustworthy, and reliable. We developed this website to provide accurate and detailed information to consumers. Complete with search engine optimized content and a convenient "Quick Quote" form, this website is a functional marketing tool ready to grow with this new company.

Hunting & Fishing Connection Ecommerce Store

Hunting Website Design

The Hunting and Fishing Connection is an Ecommerce store selling hunting, fishing, and outdoor equipment through a popular affiliate program. They came to us interested in both improving user experience on their website as well as increasing sales. We developed a user-friendly site packed with many pages of search engine optimized content. This website integrates seamlessly with the affiliate program allowing the store to accept and process online sales easily, securely, and without hassle.

Horse Race Handicappers

Horse Racing Website Design

The Whitley Group is a group of horse racing experts who provide professional horse racing picks and tips to customers. For this website design project, they wanted a website that would dominate the search engines to raise them up as a major player in the horse race handicapping industry. We developed this large 50 page website, packed with search engine optimized content, to achieve this goal. The website includes a variety of tips and detailed information about horse race handicapping. It also allows customers to purchase daily or weekly picks packages easily online using PayPal checkout.

St. Louis Home Health Care

Medical Website Design

IDEAL Home Health Care is a home health care company offering nursing and medical home care services to clients located in the St. Louis area. As this company is a sister company to Apismellis Homecare, they wanted to use a layout that was similar to the site we previously develop for Apismellis. This new site uses new pictures and color schemes and has unique search engine optimized content to attract visitors to the site.

Discount Hunting Gear & Camping Equipment Store

Hunting Website Design

We developed this website as a redesign of an old site for United Sportsmen's Company, a company selling hunting and camping equipment through an online store. This company also offers several other hunting related services including operating a hunting lodge in Northern Illinois, offering hunting dog training, and hosting guided hunts to locations around the world. This website is search engine optimized to allow the company to sell products online. It also allows the company to advertise some of their other services to website visitors as well.

Flat Fee MLS Listing - Real Estate a la carte

Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate a la carte is convenient resource designed to help homeowners sell their house without a real estate agent. For a flat fee, this company will list your house on the MLS - a nationwide online database of homes for sale, which is available to Realtors everywhere. In addition, the company offers a number of other useful marketing resources to help homeowners sell their home. With a clever design that imitates a diner menu and great search engine optimization, our web design team created a website for this MLS Listing company to attract customers and sell the company's product.

A-1 Hunting and Shooting Supply

Ecommerce Website Design / Affiliate Program Website Design

As the preferred web design company for the Dealer Ease Affiliate Program, A-1 Hunting and Shooting Supply is another of the many examples of our ecommerce web design services for affiliate program websites. This site was developed to accent the company's generations of outdoor experience. The owners of A-1 Hunting and Shooting Supply chose to accent the low prices on several select items from the over 18,000 discount sporting goods products available. We used special search engine optimized coding and design in order to highlight these select products and generate sales.

The Guggenheim File

Website Design for Writers

This website design project is an example of our author website design services. We developed this website to advertise a new book, The Guggenheim File. The website uses a unique design inspired from the book and acts as a supplement to the book with a large photo gallery. It also effectively promotes the book to new readers, by displaying reviews and praise the book has received and offering links to where the book can be purchased.

Outdoor Camping & Hunting Gear and Shooting & Airsoft Equipment

Hunting Website Design / Affiliate Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

As the preferred web design company for the Dealer Ease Affiliate Program, we design many ecommerce websites that sell discount hunting and camping gear from this wholesale supplier. We designed the Superior Outdoorsman ecommerce website using search engine optimization in order to increase traffic and sales for this affiliate program website. This website even includes custom SEO content to help improve the sites ranking in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and more.

Hair Extension Distributor

Beauty & Salon Website Design

Camille's Creations is a distributor for Crisace Hair Extensions. They came to Silver Scope Design with the goal of developing a website that would allow them to advertise and sell these hair extensions to hair stylists across the country. We developed a unique and stylish logo and website that illustrates and conveys the edgy and hip image the client was hoping to achieve. The website also integrates a private store that hair stylists can use to make purchases online.

Debray Interior Designer in Australia

Interior Designer Website Design

When developing this interior design website, our main focus was on allowing the pictures to take center stage while also providing important content and messages to website visitors. Complete with search engine optimized content, the Debray Design website promotes this Australian interior designer's services and establishes an effective online presence for this growing business.

Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies

Hunting Website Design / Affiliate Website Design

Offering 55 pages packed to the brim with flawless code and articles written by our search engine optimization (SEO) content writers, this website is on the way to becoming DealerEase and Green Supply's best performing website ever. Selling a selection of discount crossbows, gun accessories including safes and cases, camping tents, rifle scopes, knives and tools, and other outdoor gear from top manufacturers, Hunting Shooting Camping Supplies shows the superior abilities of our website designers and copy writers when designing search engine optimized websites.

Google Search Plus Your World

Social Media Website Design

This is a one page, informational website that we made to explain the Google Search Plus Your World feature that Google is using to make searches more personal. This website includes a well written, search engine optimized article that provides information about the new change to Google and explains how this new search feature will affect search engine optimization. The goal of this informational website is to attract potential customers to our SEO company website and to explain why social media marketing has become such an important part of any SEO and website marketing plan.

Camping Gear

Industry: Camping Gear / Sporting Goods

Top Gear Camping is a wholesale supplier of camping, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor equipment (including Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Gear, Stoves and Fuel, Electronics, and Flashlights) from the leading manufacturers.

Auto Warranty Wholesalers

Auto Warranty Website Design

Auto Warranty Wholesalers is a warranty company that researches hundreds of warranty plans from the top-rated insurance providers to select best plans to meet your needs and budget. This means you get the best coverage at the best price! This auto warranty website includes features such as a custom quote form, info about each maker's warranty, and very easy, straightforward navigation menu. This website was built with the purpose of generating new leads and more customers using a variety of individual strategies combines into one powerful website.

Pinnacle Trading Company

Hunting Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design

The Pinnacle Trading Company website is an example of our website design for affiliate programs. This particular DealerEase website is optimized for a select number of products in order to increase search engine ranking. When developing the Pinnacle Trading Company website, we focused on the company's ability to provide customers with the lowest prices for reloading supplies, ammunition, water purifiers, tents, knives, camping stoves, flashlights, scopes, crossbows and other outdoor equipment from the leading manufacturers for shooting, camping, hiking, backpacking, and hunting.

Healthcare Contracting and Consulting for Hospitals

Healthcare Website Design / Medical Staffing Website Design

HCCS is a new healthcare consulting and contracting company. This company offers revenue cycle consulting, organizational management consulting, and recruiting services to hospitals and healthcare clinics. As a new business, HCCS felt that they needed a simple 5 page website to briefly explain their services and attract business to the company. With the clean, simple design and layout that our website designers created for this healthcare website, the company can easily add new pages to the website in the future as they grow. Other services we provided for this website included custom logo design and search engine optimized copywriting.

St. Louis Interior Designer & Decorator

Interior Designer Website Design

This logo design and website design project was for a new St. Louis interior design firm, Verona Interior Design. The website features a unique layout, which is designed to look like a book of fabric swatches bound together with leather trim. With a style and design that is unlike any traditional website, this website will help set this new interior designer apart as the business grows and becomes established.

Roadside Assist Club - Motor Club Memberships

Automotive Website Design

Roadside Assist Club is an affiliate of Motor Club of America that offers several roadside assistance and motor club membership plans through this affiliation. This new company came to us interested in creating a basic website that could be the introduction and foundation for their web presence. We met their needs by designing this simple 5-page website. This website will help build an initial web presence as it is search engine optimized to attract customers interested in joining the affordable motor club membership programs.

Male Strippers in New England

Entertainment Website Design

Bad Boys is a company offering male revue shows and male strippers in New England. We developed this website as a tool to help promote their shows and services as well as to help make the process easier for customers. The website uses an edgy yet professional look to get customers intrigued but keep them comfortable when doing business with Bad Boys. The website is complete with 20 pages of search engine optimized content to help improve this new business' rankings in search engines.

St. Louis Therapist

Therapist Website Design

Judy Zisk Lincoff is a therapist offering counseling services to couples, families, and individuals in the St. Louis area. She came to Silver Scope Web Design looking for a website that would advertise her services, attract new clients in the local area, and show off her training and expertise. This example of our therapist website design services shows our ability to create personalized and professional websites for small businesses. The website utilizes search engine optimized content that targets local clients and is also written as effective marketing copy in order to foster a feeling of guidance and support in website visitors and potential clients. As a result, this website will act as an effective marketing and advertising tool to attract new clients to the business.

Home-Based Business - Work From Home

Industry: Home-Based Business / Work From Home

This innovative opportunity has given our client the means to start his own website to tell others about his turnkey business that allows people to work from home. He started out with a generic website but did not receive the quality or the number of prospects he desired. Then he found Silver Scope Design. We helped him achieve the level of professionalism he deserved in order to grow his business.

Matt's New and Used Guns

Industry: Ecommerce / Affiliate Program

The Single Action Shooting Society is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. As a member of the SASS, this client has had his FFL (Federal Firearms License) since 1990 and has been a valuable resource to this group for new and used guns. He decided to expand it was time to grow his customer base to more than the SASS so we developed a site that focuses on Firearms, Ammunition, Firearms Accessories, Reloading, Muzzle Loading, Cases & Bags, Optics, Holsters, Knives, Electronics, Eyewear, and Gunsmithing.

Saint Louis University Hockey

Collegiate Sports Website Design

SLU Hockey asked for a complete website redesign and boy did they get one! This extensive website is info-packed with eye-catching colors and pictures, team schedules, ticket information, and links to team stats. A feature called the "Coach's Corner" lets the coaches recap the recent games and what fans should expect in the near future.

St. Louis HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Company

Industry: Air Duct Cleaning / HVAC Website Design

St. Louis HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning (and maintenance) Company offers superior air duct cleaning services throughout the St. Louis area. This company has been operating for over a decade and brings superior expertise and knowledge to each job they complete. The company came to Silver Scope Design for a website redesign that would update the overall look of their site. In addition, they were looking for improved functionality and usability in order to make this website an integral part of the company's overall marketing plan. Our skilled designers created a clean website for St. Louis HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Company that is clean and easy to navigate and is packed with SEO content from our original copywriters. In addition to providing important information to prospective customers, this website even offers the added functionality of an easy-to-use form that allows customers to schedule an appointment time online.

Kristen Dalton - Miss USA 2009
Beauty Pageant Website Design

Kristen Dalton has won the Miss USA 2009 pageant! This elegant and classy website includes her biography, an interview, and a stunning array of pictures and videos from the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant and the Miss Universe 2009 beauty pageant.

El Dorado Cylinders

Industry: Cylinder Supply

El Dorado Cylinders supplies acetylene cylinders, high pressure steel cylinders, steel C02 cylinders, aluminum C02 cylinders, and aluminum industrial cylinders. Motivated by a major competitor's closing, this cylinder supply company contacted our business-to-business website designers in order to blitz the market with an informational website that would complement the company's overall marketing strategy. The goal for this project was to increase the company's exposure and to inform potential customers that they are ready to handle the new business that their website will undoubtedly generate.

Best Home Based Business Franchise

Home-Based Business Web Design

Jen Gilbert wanted to revolutionize home-based business website design with a vibrant but classy and informative approach. Instead of the generic one-page site that many home-based businesses offer, our web designers worked with Jen to develop a website that is designed to educate people about how the company works and how easy it is to get started working at home for yourself. This informational website provides prospects with clear, easy to understand information on starting their own home based business.

One Auto Warranty - Extended Warranty Coverage for Your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van

Auto Warranty Website Design / Automotive Website Design

One Auto Warranty is an extended auto warranty company offering comprehensive warranties, fast claims handling, and 24-hour roadside assistance. This company came to Silver Scope Design looking for a website that they could use to sell their extended auto warranties online. We created a colorful, eye-catching website to inform customers about the products offered and to generate a call to action from website visitors. With the quick request a quote form, which our designers have included on nearly every page of this website, the company can gather prospect information. Therefore, this extended auto warranty website is not only an effective sales tool, but also gathers potential client information for prospecting as well.

Dan Fleshman Magic

Industry: Entertainment / Magic

Dan Fleshman is an effervescent performer adaptable for any occasion or environment. Dan's spellbinding close-ups have to be seen to be believed.

Joshua's Banquet Center and Catering

Catering Company Website Design

After a complete website overhaul, our website redesign features Joshua's three most popular dining packages.

St. Louis Basement Experts

Industry: Basement Finishing

Conventional lumber and drywall construction work fine for above-ground areas, but can warp, rot and allow mold to grow in high-moisture areas like basements. In contrast, the St. Louis Basement Experts' Owens Corning Basement Finishing System lets moisture pass through naturally, greatly reducing the chances for mold growth. Check out all the additional advantages you will enjoy with the Basement Finishing System.

Tire Advice

Industry: Automotive

Informative articles about tires, tire pressure, and unbiased tire advice and recommendations for your specific vehicle from experts.

Camping Hunting Shooting

Industry: Ecommerce / Affiliate Program

Silver Scope Design understands that the basic goal of any new ecommerce website design project should be to attract new visitors to the site then sell products. Therefore, when we developed the Camping Hunting Shooting website, we used search engine optimized code in the design so that this ecommerce website would rank well in search engines. The final product is a website that increases the company's visibility and reach, which results in greater sales and profits. This website uses a sleek design that integrates seamlessly with the affiliate program's shopping cart and allows customers to easily locate and order products.

Air Duct Cleaning

Industry: Home Services / Clean Air

All Season Cleaning specializes in cleaning air ducts and air vents in your home ventilation system.

Offensive T-Shirts

Shirts 4 Jerks: Offensive T-Shirts

Industry: T-shirts / Ecommerce Web Design

The Shirts for Jerks website is an ecommerce site developed to sell funny, offensive, and rude t-shirts online. This website includes a simple ecommerce shopping cart through which shirts are sold as well as a number of static, brochure style pages included to improve search engine optimization. We used a masculine textured or grunge style design for this website that portrays a hip and laid-back image, which is consistent with the company's product line.

Scopes, Optics, Guns, Firearms, Taurus, Mossberg, Savage, and Marlin

Industry: Ecommerce / Affiliate Program

This web site is a simple E-commerce shopping cart for our client as part of his affiliate program with DealerEase.net.

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